Om Oss

âme pure Ltd. is a holding company registered in the United Kingdom, with affiliates in Norway and Latvia. Our products contain 100% natural ingredients that ”forces” the body to rejuvenate itself. All of our products and treatments have been clinically tested in over 60 studies proving effective results. To mention a few, our treatments increase collagen production by more than 200%, reduces acne, acne scars, reduces wrinkles, improves skin colour, reduces hyper pigmentation, reduces cellulite and stretch marks.

Luxury at home!
âme pure® makes it possible to perform the same treatments at home, that would normally cost more than 1.000€ at a Clinic. In addition, we have documented that better result can be expect with our products, as they are specially developed and patented proprietary cosmetic formulations, for use with our treatments, thus providing the ultimate result.

All formulations are developed and manufactured exclusively for âme pure®, in the EU in compliance to Pharmaceutical GMP certification requirements. Data shows that over 80% of our customers have confirmed âme pure® products and treatments to give positive and effective results. The more times you repeat the treatment, the better results you will achieve.