Retail Policies

To become our Retailer, you have to have a registered business name with a valid VAT number or Company ID. Please note, if you represent a country within the EU and do not have a valid VAT number, you will be charged VAT on the sale at the rate applicable in Latvia (21%).

Ordering / Minimums
We maintain a minimum order requirement of 10 pcs from one product type.

We accept payment by bank transfer only. Purchase currency: EUR

Selling âme pure® Products
As an authorized Retailer, your sales are limited only to retail customers who are the end-users. The products are never allowed to be sold to other businesses. You can only sell âme pure products in your own store(s), and own branded web shop(s) within your country of business. If you are closing your store, please contact us about liquidating your inventory.

As an authorized retailer, you are not allowed to split up âme pure “product kits” and sell them as stand alone, or together with other products.

3rd Party e-Commerce Sites
You are only allowed to sell the products in your own retail shop, or your own internet shops restricted to your country. Any other sales must be preapproved by âme pure first. If you are violating this, we will immediately terminate our agreement, and you will be banned to sell or market âme pure products ever again.

Pricing Strategy
You are obligated to never sell âme pure products below what is our lowest acceptable sale’s price. You will always find an updated list of these sale prices on our web shop in Login section under “Pricing Strategy”.

Intellectual Property / Advertising
Unauthorized use of any âme pure® trademark is strictly prohibited. Âme pure® also owns all copyrights in its images, logo and textual content. Use of any âme pure® trademark or copyrighted image in advertising is subject to âme pure® approval. As a retailer you are obligated to follow âme pure® Logo Style-guide.

Coupon Policy
Retailer may not produce, create, offer, or accept any coupons for âme pure products. If a retailer offers, accepts, or participates in a coupon program, then all coupons must clearly and specifically exclude âme pure products.

Use of Domain Names
âme pure® retains the right to all âme pure trademarked names. The use of âme pure domain names is prohibited without consent.

Shipping  Policy
All orders are shipped via DHL. Shipping costs will be calculated according to weight and destination and included in your Proforma Invoice.

We will always use the lowest shipment cost available at DHL. If you require an EXPRESS shipment, we can do it with a pre-request from your side via

Âme pure is not responsible for custom clearance or local VAT payment if that is needed. The customer is responsible to pay all fees, charges, or duties applied by your country authorities.

Returns / Exchanges
Any complaints about damaged products or other mistakes must be documented and sent to us via email no later than 48 hours after you’ve received the Products.

If you have not done this in 48 hours, it is agreed between the Parties (you and âme pure) that you have accepted the Products.

Right to Terminate Retailer without Cause
Since the day when you are confirmed as an âme pure Retailer, you have to place the first order within 30 days. If the order is not made within 30 days after registration, your account will be closed.

Âme pure continually strives to maintain, strengthen and build the prestige of its brand, which has a high proven quality. Accordingly, âme pure is selective in choosing retailers it authorizes to sell its products. Âme pure reserves the right to cease doing business with any retailer that fails to meet the requirements of an “authorized retailer” as set forth above.

Âme pure, without any explanation, reserves the right  to terminate You from “authorized Retail” status announcing it 3 months in advance via email address you have provided.

Any dispute, disagreement or claim arising out of this Policy will be resolved at a court of the Republic of Latvia.

If you have questions regarding our retail process & policies, please  Contact Us